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Session 3. Many Faces of Metabolism Research : 09:00⁓10:45(KST, GMT+9)

ChairMin-Woo Lee, Youngjo Kim
Speaker Title
Min-Seon Kim Positive and negative implications of NAD+ salvage pathway on circadian physiology and energy metabolism
Aleksandar Kostic Unleashing Adenosine Signaling and Metabolism via Gut Microbiome-Derived Extracellular Vesicles: A Novel Approach to Tackling Inflammation
Shinya Kuroda Transomic network analysis of glucose metabolism and its dysfunction associated with obesity
Short Talk Kyun Hoo Kim
Young Investigator
Pharmacological intervention protects mature beta ß-cell identity

Session 4. Keynote Speech : 11:00⁓12:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairIn-Kyu Lee, Daekyoon Park
Speaker Title
George King Regulations of Systemic and Local Tissue Metabolism and Development of Atherosclerosis by Insulin’s Actions on Vascular Tissues

Session 5. Young Investigator Presentation : 16:00⁓17:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairMihye Lee
Speaker Title
Baeki Kang Multi-omics analysis identifies SMPD1 as a key contributor in sphingolipid Pathway for type 2 diabetes pathogenesis
Seung-Ah Lee Direct differentiation of bone marrow mononucleated cells into insulin-producing cells using four specific soluble factors
Laurensia Danis Anggradita Interplay between cell-cell and cell-matrix stresses of the HNSCC via mild reduction of the cellular surface regulates EMT behaviors
Ye Young Kim Hepatic GSK3ß-dependent CRY1 Degradation Contributes to Diabetic Hyperglycemia

Session 6. Immunology and Metabolism : 19:30~21:45(KST, GMT+9)

ChairKae Won Cho, Kyuho Kang
Speaker Title
Bojan Polić Immune-endocrine interactions controlling blood glucose levels in a strong, non-lethal viral infection
Timothy E. O’Sullivan Initiation of Adipose Tissue Inflammation during Obesity
YunJae Jung Role of intestinal eosinophils in health and in the pathogenesis of psoriatic inflammation
Jeffrey C. Rathmell Fueling immunity in inflammation and immunotherapy
Short Talk Jiwon Jeong
Young Investigator
Paradoxical Roles of Adipocytes and Adipose tissue macrophages (ATMs) in Lipid Homeostasis and Obesity-induced Insulin Resistance