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Session 1. Opening the Gate : 13:00⁓15:15(KST, GMT+9)

ChairJongsoon Lee, Hail Kim
Speaker Title
Cholsoon Jang Inter-organ metabolic crosstalk in health and disease
Seungeun Oh In situ single-cell mass and fat content analysis using Normalized Raman Imaging
Eunjung Alice Lee Transposons and somatic mutations: next frontiers in genomics
Juyoun Kim How Diet regulates NASH progression.
Casp2PIDDosome: A New Regulator of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism
Short Talk Yunhye Kim
Young Investigator
ADAR1 Mediated RNA Editing Contributes to Vascular Remodeling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Session 2. Cellular Organelles and Stress : 15:30⁓17:45(KST, GMT+9)

ChairJong-seok Moon, Jaeseok Han
Speaker Title
Haejin Yoon Dynamic regulation of mitochondrial metabolism in metabolic disease
Minho Shong Mitochondrial Proteostasis and Systemic Energy Homeostasis: A Focus on Thermogenic Responses in Adipose Depots
Masayuki Yamamoto The KEAP1-NRF2 System for Health and Disease
Anath Shalev From Discovery to Novel Diabetes Treatment Approaches
Short Talk Jiyoung Oh
Young Investigator
High levels of intracellular endotrophin in adipocytes mediate COPII vesicle supplies to autophagosome to impair autophagic flux and contribute to systemic insulin resistance in obesity