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Session 1. Brown Fat : 13:00~15:15(KST, GMT+9)

ChairKyong Soo Park, Dong Won Byun
Speaker Title
Yu-Hua Tseng Deciphering thermogenic adipose tissue via communication
Rana Gupta Releasing the Brakes on White Adipocyte Thermogenesis to Improve Metabolic Health
Min-Woo Lee Role of innate immune system in adipose thermogenesis
Weiping Han HOXC10 suppresses browning to maintain white adipocyte identity
Short TalkKyung Cheul Shin
Young Investigator
VLDL-VLDLR axis facilitates brown fat thermogenesis through replenishment of lipid fuels and PPARdelta activation

Session 2. Cell Organelle : 15:45~18:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairGoo Taeg Oh, Kun-Ho Yoon
Speaker Title
Jerry Chipuk Mitochondrial Contributions To Cancer: Causes, Consequences, & Coincidence
Myung-Shik Lee Impaired TFEB activation and mitophagy as a cause of calcineurin inhibitor-induced pancreatic β-cell dysfunction
Jaeseok Han The eIF2α/ATF4 pathway suppresses macrophage polarization toward M2 phenotype and impairs adaptive thermogenesis in obesity
Feroz Papa Developing Small molecule kinase inhibitors of IRE1α RNase to treat Diabetes
Short TalkSoyoung Park
Young Investigator
Activating Transcription Factor 4 (ATF4) suppresses alternatively activated macrophage and impairs Energy Expenditure upon High Fat Diet

Session 3. Many Faces of Metabolism Research : 08:30~10:45(KST, GMT+9)

ChairSteven E. Shoelson, Min-Seon Kim
Speaker Title
Yasuhiko Yamamoto Understanding glycation and RAGE in diabetes and beyond
Dongsheng Cai Hypothalamus stem cells in metabolic and aging control
Byung-Chul Oh The roles of intracellular calcium and phosphoinositides in insulin resistance
Suzanne Devkota The role of the microbiome in the gut-adipose axis
Short TalkJieun Kim
Young Investigator
The role of adipose tissue NK cells in the development of obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistance

Session 4. Keynote Speech : 11:00~12:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairJongsoon Lee
Speaker Title
Steven E. Shoelson A broad transcriptomic response to feeding in liver mimics circadian transcriptomics and provides a robust roadmap for cellular metabolism.

Session 5. Young Investigator Presentation : 15:30~16:30(KST, GMT+9)

ChairJae-Won Shim, Jong-Seok Moon
Speaker Title
Minho Eun Single nucleus chromatin profiling of the diabetic human kidney reveals potential new disease mechanism
Shindy Soedono Loss of Adipose Tissue Dendritic Cell Ameliorates Obesity-induced Glucose Dysregulation by Upregulation of Incretin Action
Sumin Lee Lysoplasmalogens protect mice against obesity-induced metabolic dysfunction partially by inhibiting PDE3B.
Miri Kim Selective autophagy-mediated lamin B1 degradation plays a critical role in age-associated kidney dysfunctions
Yul Ji Autophagy Initiation Requires Stored Lipid Consumption

Session 6. Stem Cells and Beta Cells : 19:00~21:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairMinho Shong, Kyuchang Won
Speaker Title
Rohit Kulkarni Exocrine-endocrine cross talk in the pathogenesis of diabetes
Hail Kim Inhibiting serotonin signaling through HTR2B in visceral adipose tissue improves obesity related insulin resistance
Peter Yingxiao Wang Remote Control of the Genetics within Tumors via Focused Ultrasound for Cancer Immunotherapy
Short TalkJi Hoon Jeong
Young Investigator
Mild reduction of cell surface proteins reduces adipogenic potential through enhanced cell adhesion
Short TalkJun Young Hong
Young Investigator
Long-term metabolic programming by perinatal hypothalamic-pituitary hormones

Session 7. Immunology and Metabolism : 09:00~12:00(KST, GMT+9)

ChairSteven E. Shoelson, YunJae Jung
Speaker Title
Anthony W. Ferrante Jr Adipose Tissue: Metabolic-Immune Interface
Vishwa Deep Dixit Immunometabolic checkpoints of inflammaging
Jae Bum Kim Adipose Tissue Immune Responses in Obesity
Kae Won Cho Role of Innate Immune Memory in the Weight-Cycling induced Metabolic Diseases
Kathryn Moore Cardiovascular Disease: Impact beyond the heart
Chen Dong IL-17 family cytokines in inflammation and cancer